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BestInvestments is a registered company in Delaware, USA. We take advantage of cryptocurrency market opportunities with our unique arbitrage strategy. When the prices are volatile, a large price difference emerges between stock exchanges (“spreads”), which opens an opportunity for us to profit. In the markets for major digital currencies such as Bitcoin, this is a very common occurrence. Just take a look at the price fluctuation in November ‘17 alone. We are constantly tinkering with our algorithm to ensure we maximize our ability to capitalize on these events.

Our platform began operating on November 16, 2016, and by visiting our main page, you can check our accumulated earnings history in the profit statistics section.

In addition, we work with indexes of income that can be in bitcoins, dollars or euros, depending on the will of the client. That is, if you have a more conservative investment profile and do not want to be with all your capital in Bitcoin, you can diversify your investment between euro and dollar, in the proportion that you think is more appropriate or even allocating your capital entirely in one according to their judgment. All this without affecting the profitability of the arbitrage, that is, you can earn the income platform regardless of the currency you are on our platform.

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